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Handmade Herbal Products for Quick Relief

What Clients Say

Elements of Healing LLC in Portsmouth, Virginia has helped people across the country in many ways. Read what these satisfied customers have to say about our products.

Reviews on Headache Salve

1.  "It is a dream. I am no longer waking up with them (headaches). 

I use it at night before I go to bed."  

2.   "I was diagnosed with a pineal cyst recently and have been back and forth to the hospital. I was given different meds to help with the pain to no avail. So a holistic approach was suggested. I tried the headache salve and when I say this stuff is heaven sent, I mean just that! I will be buying more once I get low. Thank you so much Kimberly Johnson for being a blessing with this ."

3.  If you have bad migraines or headaches please be sure to hit up Kimberly Johnson  of I used the headache salve and it was definitely bomb. Go support black business!!!!

Reviews on Herbal Vapor Rub 

1. “Mother uses the Herbal Vapor Rub product when her son starts coughing. She stated that when she places it on his chest and feet the coughing stops immediately.”


2. "I've tried the herbal vapor rub on myself and my children.  It works great. It really opens you up and helps you to breathe better." 


3. "Thank you for providing me with a holistic approach to addressing some of my medical needs. I suffered from insomnia for years after a traumatic event that I went through, but the herbal vapor rub helped me fall quickly to sleep. I applied a little to my chest and noticed improvement with breathing and the smell was pleasant enough to relax my body to sleep".

Reviews on Calendula Salve

 "I have been using the Calendula salve for about 2 years. Before I started using it my son would scratch his skin open until it bled. I used everything that the doctor gave me but this was the only thing that worked."

Reviews on Neem Salve

"I’m loving the Neem Salve for my elbows, knees, and feet, so I decided to use it on my hands, arms, and legs! Loving how my skin improved in softness in a matter of just days! It’s helping me stay warm in this cold weather, too! Thank you for this product! ❣️❣️❣️"

Reviews on Calendula Cream

 1. "You definitely have earned a returning customer! The calendula cream is a lifesaver for my skin! After one application I could see the difference.

2.  "I am very pleased with the product calendula cream, as a double mastectomy patient, the cream is very soothing to  my scaring and makes my skin smooth and soft, I will be purchasing 2 a month from now on! Keep up the good work Kimberly!"

3. " I purchased the Calendula cream around the first of January an I am very pleased with the product. I was suffering with some sort of rash/ discoloration break out on my chest area for weeks and I had no clue where it came from. I treated it with everything I could think of and nothing worked except for the Calendula Cream from Elements of Healing, LLC. Before my purchase I reached out to the owner whom might I add is very knowledgeable and professional; to get more insight on her products and to see which product would suit my issue the best and she recommended the Calendula cream. I am so glad she did because this product cleared my skin up in NO time! I used the Calendula cream as directed and made sure to store the product as stated in the directions an I saw a major improvement within a week or two. My once problem area now looks as though I never had an issue at all. In less than 2 months my skin issue has completely cleared up and I still use the Calendula cream as a moisturizer on my skin daily. 

Thank you so much Elements of Healing, LLC!"

Multiple Product and Customer Service         Review

   1.   I purchased all of her products minus 1.

I’ve used the headache salve the day I got it due to serve migraines that I have and behold my migraine was gone before I went to sleep that night and then I’ve used the comfrey salve on one of  my knees for arthritis pain and I just had surgery on that knee and let me tell y’all how great that worked, it was AWESOME!!!! I don’t like to take medicine so those two worked great, I haven’t tried the other products yet but when I do I will leave an update on those as well.

P.S. her products worked so great I recommended my co-workers to her and NO I’m not being paid to post this this is my honest experience with elements of healing!!!!

Also her prices are very reasonable, so if you are tired of suffering from migraines and pain trust me YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Sincerely I will be buying again

almost forget she is QUICK. with replying back to you I emailed her and she emailed right back asked me what I was looking into purchasing she sent me an invoice AND she kept in touch letting me know when it was mailed out AND checked to see if I received it when it said it would be here, I don’t know about y’all but that’s the customer service I like!!!

Thank You Elements Of Healing

2.  Kimberly makes the best herbal salves that my family and I have come to know, love and appreciate. The salves are very therapeutic, and my mom and grand mom liked using the comfrey and calendula salves for their ongoing pain and arthritic issues. Kimberly is also a very nice person, and I see her doing great things with her herbal business here, and all of her future endeavors. I truly and highly recommend that you all purchase and tryout her herbal medicine salves. You will not be disappointed:)

3.  Kimberly owner of Elements of Healing LLC really deserve 5 stars ️ for her products. I have arthritis very painful. Her products for my condition really work. I appreciate her so much!!! Thank you Kimberly.

4.  These products are AWESOME!! You will not be sorry!

5.  Yes, I ordered the Neem Salve for my foot and my hand that has a small callus on it. It really helps keep the pain out and keeps it soft. I ordered the one called comfrey as well both are good products.

     Consultation  Review

I don't even know where to begin...
Grateful...Grateful and Appreciative.

I came across Elements of Healing during a period of confusion and worry about medical labs I'd received after a surgery.

My doctor didn't adequately answer my questions. I wanted to take a preventative approach to the concerns that were revealed on my lab work and I was frustrated about what to do.

Elements of Healing responded to my cry for help and thus began our work. She did the research that I wanted my doctor to do. I felt empowered with information and steps to take. She was good with follow-up and providing the information that she said she would.

I am better and I am grateful!!

       Review for Company T-Shirt

The shirt was true to size and the design was great, very durable,

I wore it the day I got it. Very comfortable


Review for Company T-Shirt

The shirt was true to size and the design was great, very durable, I wore it the day I got it. Very comfortable.


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